Capture emotion and create memories with an extra touch of elegance and luxury at your wedding, using the subtle art of scent styling with the truly wonderful Jane Helliwell, creator of Champagne and Flamingos.

Jane Helliwell

A true innovator in the wedding industry, Jane works with discerning clients to create bespoke fragrance experiences to truly enhance your guest’s wedding journey, from the moment the fragranced invitation arrives, to the scents of the day, to the table gifts they will treasure forever.

Handmade ceramic ties as favours, loaded with your wedding day fragrance will undoubtedly find a welcome place in anyone’s home! Or votives with beautifully engraved lids with your well chosen words!

Taking inspiration from the environment and setting, to the season, time of day, and even the food you are eating, your consultations with Jane take place over a minimum of four to six months, where you will meet at the venue and keep sampling the products. Any fears of overwhelm or overly feminine experiences will be swiftly put aside, and the results you resonate with will reflect you both as a couple.

Scent levels are orchestrated to suit the area and atmosphere using both electronic emitters and a variety of candles.

The invisible difference that will compliment your venue and theme, taking you from a happy morning to night time revels in perfect balance!

Imagine the possibilities of scent styling in the stunning spaces of Upper House. Memories created will be captured in essence forever, to always take you back to the place and the people you loved the most!

We are delighted to be working with this unique wedding stylist, and can’t wait to inhale the halcyon days at Upper House!


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