Upper House are delighted to be part of the Manchester Plastic Free GM Pledge to eradicate single-use plastic straws and ultimately all single use plastics in the Greater Manchester hospitality industry.
Blustery mountain skies are no stranger to this beautiful couple, Phoebe and James. This Peak District duo are heading for Everest Base Camp for their honeymoon, perhaps detouring via Africa and Argentina before the big one!
This little company with the evocative title Cine Reportage could not be more aptly named. Reportage photography is a style often required by wedding clients looking for non-intrusive, naturally captured images of their wedding day.
The 103 Manchester Bees adorned the city for 4 weeks and ends on Sunday 23rd September. You can buy tickets on this link for the final farewell, when they all come together for the Bee in The City Farewell Weekend from Friday 12th – Sunday 14th October 2018 at HSBC UK.
Capture emotion and create memories with an extra touch of elegance and luxury at your wedding, using the subtle art of scent styling with the truly wonderful Jane Helliwell, creator of Champagne and Flamingos.
A seemingly small detail such as a coloured glass can magically lift a table dressing to new heights. Photography by: Jonboy Wilson Photography – www.johnboywilson.comIt’s detail that’s noticed by each and every wedding guest. Sitting in front of a thoughtfully styled place setting can be a...
Launching the first of our regional Italian nights at Upper House, with a five course taster menu embracing the rich autumnal flavours of the Lombardy region in the foothills of the Alps.
What better words than those of Lou Reed to sum up how the best day of your life should feel. This romantic song was written during a halcyon phase of Lou’s life, according to Bettye Kroonstad his first wife, as the song was written after a day spent together in Central Park while they were engaged in 1973.
The term “Exclusive Use” is one that is frequently used by many types of wedding venues, from hotels to farms to village halls. It can be confusing to know exactly what the term means to each venue. For a couple embarking on their first search for their dream place to get married, the definition may not be exactly as they might expect.