The Fantasy Venue


When Sky TV called to see if we wouldn’t mind being the fantasy venue for one of the brides on Don’t Tell The Bride (now with E4) we were truly delighted. We were told the lady in question had selected Upper House as her ideal venue because she is keen on walking and the great outdoors.

“We still get goosebumps going up the drive” : Nicola Hudson

And what better place for an outdoorsy girl to be than Kinder Scout in the Peak District National Park? The area has provided our family, our dogs, horses, motorbikes, boats and guns with the most amazing times over the decades. A love and passion for the wildlife, habitats and landscape is at the heart of the Upper House initiatives, with ongoing conservation projects for the forest and marine life being the main priority.

The old faithful rowing boat gets a makeover on the River Kinder

That such a great position is also the setting for such a great house is a pièce de résistance!. And that such a great house is home to one of the most detailed and well preserved Medieval feats of architecture in the UK is the icing on the cake! And it is a joy to share this amazing family home.

Fantasy venue indeed! Our brave bride-to-be sees the Great Hall for the first time

From our fantasy home to your fantasy venue, Upper House provides treasured times for all those lucky enough to share this special place for a day, a night, a weekend or a lifetime.

At Home in Your Fantasy Venue – Upper House Estate

• Upper House hosts only 12 special events a year. Cherish your Wedding Experience as much as we do.