Upper House are delighted to be part of the Manchester Plastic Free GM Pledge to eradicate single-use plastic straws and ultimately all single use plastics in the Greater Manchester hospitality industry.

By joining the movement, we are able to use these wonderful paper straws in the Upper House Hunstman’s Inn and cocktail bar. FSC certified and fully recyclable, the sale of each box of this strong and stylish straw will mean a donation to the Manchester Emergency Fund, set up to support those affected by the 2017 attack.

This straw is perfect for our Cocktails dedicated to Agatha Christie at Upper House. Agatha enjoyed many happy times at Upper House, which was the hunting lodge of her sister Madge and brother in law, James Watts. There are three books connected to Upper House – The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge, Hercule Piorot’s Christmas, and the Adventure of the Christmas Pudding.

Our first homage is called Agatha Christies Bourbon Milk Punch, designed as the perfect nightcap after a long day of celebrating at Upper House!

Served in our iconic Bee glasses, this comforting concoction of bourbon, milk, clear honey, vanilla and nutmeg is designed to soothe. Agatha Christie didn’t drink, but she was partial to quaffing glasses of cream, sometimes mixed with milk! We hope this clever disguise gets her approval!

Our other reposer is dedicated to Miss Marple, whose name was taken from the nearby town of Marple that Agatha passed through on the train on her way to Upper House.

Miss Marple’s Afternoon Tea will inspire you to think through all the evidence! A convivial blend of Tea from The Manor with dark rum and fresh citrus juices. Choo! Choo!

The bee straw is available exclusively with Stephensons, a northwest catering supply business celebrating 150 years in business in Manchester this year. Managing director Henry Stephenson said “… we are absolutely honored to be able to assist the GMCA in their plans to make this fantastic city a more sustainable place for everyone.”

Pledgers like Upper House also have access to other eco-friendly items, and look forward to more, which began with the Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham’s pledge at the 2018 GMCA’s Green Summit.