Perfect Day? Perfect Weekend!


“Its such a perfect day

I’m glad I spent it with you..”

Helen Howard Photography –

What better words than those of Lou Reed to sum up how the best day of your life should feel.

This romantic song was written during a halcyon phase of Lou’s life, according to Bettye Kroonstad his first wife, as the song was written after a day spent together in Central Park while they were engaged in 1973.

It’s a bittersweet testimony to love, but there’s no denying the wonder it evokes, and how it captures the sheer appreciation of those life moments that we are suddenly able to apprehend with a sense of peace.

So what better words to express the joy of the perfect weekend, too. To have a weekend that feels a world away from the ordinary, and to share it with those you love, is truly a magical way to enjoy your wedding celebrations.

James Tracey Photography –

“Just a perfect day

Problems all left alone

Weekenders on our own

It’s such fun..”

Lissa Alexandra Photography –
Johnboy Wilson –

The world drifts away from the moment the gate closes behind you as you enter the woods at Upper House. The whole weekend returns all who spend time in this place to a sense of magic – it is a word used time and time again in the reviews of those who come to stay here.

James Tracey Photography –

Its hard to express, hard to define, but you know that a feeling finds expression here…that the world is a stage, that we are just players upon it, and sometimes, just sometimes, there’s nothing else you can do but just appreciate the glory of existence, without even needing to deny problems, longings and the mysteries of karmic forces.

“You’re going to reap just what you sow”

When it comes to an anthem for marriage, let’s hope so!