An Ancient Farmstead


An ancient farmstead dating back to at least the 14th Century, Upper House stands isolated on the side of Kinder Scout, at the convergence of ancient pack horse routes from Glossop, Hayfield and Edale. Neighbouring farms were compulsorily purchased and demolished when Sir James Watts, Mayor...

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THE EARLIEST RECORDS Earliest records show that the family Kinder were seated at Upper House since at least 1378 and their fate and fortunes, both illustrious and modest, spanned around 350 years there. The core of the house as it stands today is said to be...

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Agatha Christie


AGATHA CHRISTIE 1890-1976 All of Agatha Christie's 84 novels and 157 short stories remain in print. There were 19 plays, including The Mousetrap, which has been playing continually in the West End since 1952. It is estimated that over four billion of her books have been...

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James, Agatha & Derbyshire


Sir James’ eldest son, James, was born in 1878. He worked in the family business and married Agatha Christie’s sister, Madge Miller, in 1902. They had a son also James, and known as Jack, born in 1903. Like his father, James was interested in architecture...

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Sir James Watts


Sir James Watts of Manchester acquired the Kinder estate in the mid 19th Century. He was a hugely successful textiles merchant whose income at the turn of the century was bigger than the GNP of Spain. Manchester was at the heart of the cotton industry,...

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Mary Augusta Ward


Mrs Mary Augusta Ward's novel "The History Of David Grieve", published in 1892, was written during her stay at Upper House in the late 1880s. Set in the mid 19th century, it charts the lives of Hayfield farming families and their Christian values, a theme...

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